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ARCALE offers a wide range of signal generators intended for a large number of applications such as quantum physics, telecommunications, radars and many others.

The range covers needs from a few kHz up to 40 GHz with arbitrary generators and single or multi-channel synthesizers. Form factors range from laboratory instrument to PXIe card to meet all needs.

Tabor Electronics offers arbitrary generators (AWG) and synthesizers up to 40 GHz.

Noise XT, a brand belonging to ARCALE, develops and produces ultra-low noise 7 GHz synthesizers in FRANCE.

Products & Solutions


Multichannel AWG (1 to 4)
Up to 9 GS/s (8 GHz analog band)
Internal sequencer
Up to 32 GB internal memory
Benchtop, Desktop or PXIe Modules Format

Lucid / Lucid Lx

Microwave Synthesizer
Version 3, 6, 12, 20 and 40 GHz
Single or multi-channel
AM/FM/PM modulation
Benchtop, Desktop or PXIe Modules Format

Noise XT – SLC

Ultra low phase noise synthesizer
1 or 2 channels
2 MHz to 7 GHz
-170 dBc/Hz floor noise @ 10 MHz
USB programmable