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The test phases are key in the design and commissioning of new electronic warfare (ELINT, SIGINT) and radar equipment. It is therefore essential to have reproducible, identifiable and precise test data during the different stages of the cycle. New types of instruments, including SDR systems, require frequency converters compatible with the application frequency bands.

SPHEREA’s Up & Down converters combine a wide instantaneous bandwidth (up to 2Ghz), with extensive frequency coverage (up to 18 / 26 / 40Ghz) making this equipment a unique product on the market and capable of responding to a wide variety of programs.

Products & Solutions


  • Building block based design for open form factor;
  • Scalability / wide range from 1GHz to 18GHz / 26GHz; 40GHz and IBW up to 2GHz;
  • Modularity and flexibility: Rackmount Lab solution in 1U-19 inches with 2 Up or Down channels; with basic internal LO and external LO;
  • Optimized solution for large single or multi-signal test equipment.


  • Capture and broadcast solutions;
  • Testing of radar systems – generation of radar pulses;
  • Generation of multi-channel coherent signals;
  • Electronic Warfare Test Equipment (ELINT, SIGINT) / Real-Time Hil Test;
  • Testing of military receivers (performance and robustness test);
  • Spatial Communication Test System (Parametric and System Test.