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18 years of experience

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Expertise & turnkey systems
Whether you need a complete tester, an acquisition system or a simple custom software, we operate in any industrial context, in the fields of measurement, power and electromagnetic environments. After a phase of diagnosis, expertise or simply technical exchanges, we ensure project management: design of all the systems, definition of the necessary instrumentation means, development of software applications and management of partners responsible for integration and cabling, debugging and testing.
Technicality, Listening, Responsiveness
We come from the world of physical measurement and instrumentation. We always start from the physical reality of the project or the desired objective, choose the equipment adapted to the expected precisions and measurement contexts, and produce or adapt the software to preserve the integrity of the signals. Our local establishments allow us to maintain a permanent dialogue with our customers, to be as close as possible to the realities on the ground, aware of the technical, environmental or financial constraints to meet the just need and extremely responsive.

Our modes of intervention

How are we going to bring you our experience?

Achievements & Customized solutions

Our job is to listen to you, to understand you, and to design and build the systems corresponding to your particularities and specific needs.

Professionalism & Confidentiality

We are committed to a result, and that result belongs to you and no one else.

Local Presence & Responsiveness

We are established locally to serve our customers, and put all the resources and expertise of ARCALE or even the SPHEREA group at the service of our projects.

Expertise & Duty to advise

Whatever your problem, we are committed to studying it and defining with you the best technical and economic compromise to respond to it.
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