Standalone recorder

Standalone recorder


Standalone recorder

The need for continuous recording of system data is increasingly common and must meet several requirements.


Using the National Instruments cRIO platform associated with LabVIEW RT and FPGA allows us to meet all of these requirements:

• Flexibility of use (Hardware and software).
• Fast and slow acquisition.
• Data acquisition Analog, digital, communication bus
• Custom signal processing.
• Parameterizable recording channel by channel.
• Recording on multiple media (Files, Database, MQTT…)
• Continuous recording of a large flow of data.
• Maintainability.

Typical applications:

• HUMS (Health and usage monitoring systems) data logger.
• Data logger on board mobile installations.
• Data logger for R&D.


• Military
• Transportation
• Industry
• Energy


Arcale has carried out various projects around the world allowing:

To define and implement a stand-alone recorder solution suitable for our customers.
To define and create a powerful and customizable software architecture
To create tools for data exploitation and maintenance.

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